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Posted on 08-08-2016

The following is lifted directly from the front page of our website, just archived here for easy reference!

And now a word about...


Most of us in Central Texas appreciate the mild winter and moist spring we have had, and, sadly that includes our insect, including FLEA populations.  Fleas not only make pets uncomfortable, but can lead to tapeworms (gross!) and skin infections requiring treatment with antibiotics!  People who have in the past seldom seen fleas on their pets are calling to report flea-festations like never before.  Try not to despair - there are THREE ways that you can fight these 6-legged menaces and win:

ONE - Control the environment:

     Use appropriate insecticides as needed to eradicate these blood-sucking monsters from areas where pets spend time.  Concentrate on shady areas like under decks and trees.  PLEASE follow label directions and keeps pets away until it is safe to return.

     Vacuum and launder as appropriate.  Pet bedding and bed linens can be laundered to remove the flea eggs and larva, and vacuuming, especially in crevices like in between sofa cushions and around baseboards in your house can remove a hefty percentage of these "fleas-to-be"!

TWO - Practice flea "birth control" on your pets:

     The fact is that the fleas you see are just a TINY percentage of the actual population.  The vast majority at any given time are eggs and (gag) larva!  The good news is that there are products you can use (both topical and oral) on your pets that effectively "neuter" fleas by preventing reproduction! You can call Four Paws for the scientific explanation (which we find fascinating!) or just take our word for it and marvel at how much these products help in eradicating fleas from your corner of the world.  Many of our clients, with routine use of these products, only rarely need step 3 - 

THREE - Kill those fleas. Kill 'em all:

     Flea dips and baths, the only weapons available back in the day - are things of the past.  Face it - they weren't very effective anyway.  Today there are excellent, safe, effective adulticides both in spot-on (topical) and oral forms that can kill fleas and ticks for 1 - 3 months! We carry several and would be happy to help you choose the best one for your pet!

There are several factors that go into choosing appropriate flea treatments for your pets.  Do you live in a house? Apartment? On a fraction of an acre or several? If fleas are "bugging" you and your pet, give us a call and we can help you devise a game plan that will make your pet the winner!

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