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Posted on 09-20-2016

... Not Just Anybody!

Where have all the qualified applicants gone?  That is the question Tracy keeps asking herself and anyone else who will listen.  It isn't like we are asking for much...

Qualified applicant must have a pulse.  In lieu of a pulse, we will accept a demonstrated ability to get out of bed and make it to work at the ungodly hour of 8:00 a.m. every work day.

Qualified applicant must be a grown-up.  Age is not a factor, but being drama-resistant and level-headed are prerequisites for working here.   

Qualified applicant must be pleasant.  Unpleasant people need not apply.  Gossips and troublemakers need not apply.  Toxic personalities have no place at Four Paws.  We need smiling faces who are fundamentally NICE.

Qualified applicant must be reliable .  Reliable as in showing up ready to work for EVERY scheduled shift.  Not reliable like "most of the time" - reliable like "if he's not here he must be dead" reliable.

Qualified applicant must be fairly bright.  The veterinary business is not rocket science - it's a lot more complicated than that.  We just want people willing to learn and not make the same mistakes repeatedly.  Ability to do 4th grade level math a plus. 

Qualified applicant must love - PEOPLE!  Granted, some people are a little harder to love than puppies and kittens, but almost all of our patients show up in the company of PEOPLE.  People who often need as much TLC as their pets!

Qualified applicant must have superior communication skills.  Lives may depend on it, so it is IMPERATIVE that we communicate CLEARLY.  Which includes LISTENING.  Be a superior listener.

Of course there are other qualities we would love to find in our qualified applicant - being able to telepathically deduce that moment when ONE MORE QUESTION is going to make Kat spontaneously combust would be great, bringing donuts on a regular would make you our favorite, and having a thick skin and a mischievous sense of humor would make you fit right in!  

Do you know this person? ARE you this person? Hey, give us a call - your "next" career might just be waiting for you!

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