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Posted on 07-10-2017

If you have a pet you probably already take him or her to a vet at least yearly to get “shots”.  (If you don’t, stop reading and immediately call for an appointment!) But did you know that those vaccines are only ONE small (albeit important) part of the annual visit? Here at Four Paws, we feel like information is the most valuable resource we can offer to pet parents.  Has your vet explained to you which vaccines your pet needs and why? We sure will.  Puppies and kittens have needs that are different from those of adult dogs and cats, senior pets need special TLC, and all of them will get the love, attention, and CARING they deserve here at Four Paws.  And, as the "human-in-charge" of their lives, YOU deserve to have your questions answered respectfully and completely, so you can do your part!

In our professional opinion, the head-to-tail exam that precedes those vaccines are even MORE important – that is when you veterinarian will notice lumps or bumps before they become inoperable,  answer your questions about your pet’s health and behavior, and give you options to help you give your pet the best and healthiest life possible.  We will also recommend appropriate tests – and the key word IS appropriate – your pet may need a simple heartworm screen, or she may be a candidate for more extensive testing for detection of medical conditions that we can then help you manage. We will ask to do a fecal parasite exam, because it is in the best interest of your pet, and, (because several common intestinal parasites are transmissible to humans) it is in YOUR best interest as well.  We see ourselves as advocates for the pet/person bond, working with you to give your pet the care it needs so that your relationship can be mutually satisfying. 

Our professional staff wants to partner with you to give your pet it’s happiest, healthiest life.  We want to answer your questions about diet, behavior, flea and heartworm prevention, and suggest supplements that can keep your feline frisky and your pup playful.  At Four Paws, we really do “Care for the Life of Your Pet” – just give us a chance and we will show you how! 

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