We are closing our doors 

To our Clients, Fur Babies, Friends and Family,

         Thank You all for sticking by us. As you all know we have struggled greatly to maintain the level of care and consistency that Dr. Phillip provided during his time as owner and veterinarian at Four Paws. Unfortunately, due to the ever-changing market that were in and the severe shortage of Veterinarians and Employees in general we have been unable to fill the position of Full-Time Veterinarian for Four Paws. Due to the exorbitant cost of relief veterinarians due to their need and inflation costs we are unable to continue supporting the cost to keep Four Paws open. We are all deeply saddened by this as we have tried very hard over the past 9 months to make this work, but unfortunately, we have reached the point where it is no longer sustainable. Our last day of business will be 10/13/2023. We highly encourage everyone to please call for records and any refills of medications, preventions, vaccine boosters or food that you may need. We will be available for pickups or vaccinations from 9am-3pm Monday through Friday. We will have a doctor on staff 10/9 for our last day of appointments as well. We will be refilling prescriptions for up to one year if eligible to allow you all time to find a new vet. We have also considered transitioning Four Paws into a boarding facility, but need to determine if there is a need in the area for this. So please let our staff know if this is something you all would be interested in. We will still be retaining ownership of the building and will be looking for someone to lease as another option just so you are all aware of what’s in store for the future for the property.

         The girls have already started sending records, so please check your spam folder. Each pet will be in a separate email. If you have x-rays needing to be emailed, please make sure you tell us when calling.

         Thank you all for your kindness, your patience and your support through this endeavor. You have all been the true definition of how Texans support each other. Thank You for being part of our family. We will miss all of you. 512-396-7297

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